Flip Chip & Die Bonder For Solder Attach & Thermo Compression Bonding

AT-DB Flip Chip Die Bonders For Engineering & Assembly

Advanced Technologies US Inc. (ATCO) offers the latest AT-DB Flip Chip and Die Bonder for precision based assembly utilizing advanced software for seamless thermal compression and solder attachment. Dedicated to providing the best die bonders for engineering applications in the industry, all of our products undergo rigorous research and development, including a 5-year warranty on parts and labor, and come complete with the best installation, repair, and calibration services in the industry.

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What Can Our Flip Chip Die Bonders Be Used For?

When precision circuit assembly and repair are necessary, it’s important to find a manufacturing partner that understands the detailed intricacies of the industry. With over 35 years of experience in the PCB industry, ATCO products provide unmatched production capabilities for superior results translating into improvements across the spectrum of your business model.

Our advanced Flip Chip and Die Bonders are ideal for:

  • Engineering & Assembly
  • Research & Development
  • Low Volume Production

Implementation of a die bonder/flip chip bonder into your production or research processes greatly improves your businesses’ capabilities. First of all, a flip chip bonder assembly is much smaller than traditional circuit board carriers, allowing for diverse research applications and ease of assembly. Flip chips resting directly upon the circuit medium greatly reduce inductance over traditional circuit assembly, improving signal transmission while simultaneously improving heat conductance. These advantages enable production capabilities that are otherwise out of reach for companies in need of revolutionary assembly solutions.

Our die bonder is manufactured with the end user in mind. We provide complete installation and training and walk you through the entire operational parameters. Our user-friendly software guides you through a simple setup and provides detailed descriptions throughout every step of the process. With our extensive training and simple interface, you can expect precise AT-DB Flip Chip and Die Bonder results every time.

The Best Maintenance Free Die Bonder

Our flip chip bonder is built by the leading experts in the die bonder industry. We stand behind our extensively researched products and offer quality that is built to last. All of our die bonders come with our all-inclusive support features, allowing your business to focus on production and research, rather than troubleshooting and repairs.

All of our flip chip and soldering stations are manufactured in the United States. We take pride in providing soldering equipment developed with the finest materials available. When you partner with ATCO for all of your flip chip soldering and thermo compression circuitry needs, you can expect collaboration and expertise guiding your team every step of the way.

Learn More About Our Die Bonder and SMD Machines

When you partner with ATCO for your SMD applications, you can expect a team dedicated to your success. With unparalleled guidance from installation to calibration, we are your comprehensive solution from research to product development.

Get in touch with our friendly customer service team today. We offer complimentary product brochures and will gladly discuss all of our products with you in detail. Our experienced technicians will help you select the ideal products for effective integration with your business so you can get started developing precision circuits and quality research today!

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The ATDB Flip Chip Die Bonders enable bonding via solder attach, thermal compression, and epoxy die attach processes. Accurate mechanics and advanced software makes the optical alignment, placement, and bonding stages of the process much easier. Operator involvement is minimal, which makes it easy to setup and use these systems. These machines come  in benchtop and standalone configurations, and are ideal for prototype R&D, NPI, Engineering, Failure Analysis labs, in addition to OEM / CEM production environments. Automation, machines’ capability, and ease of use are necessary for both prototype and production volume applications requiring consistency and quality.

Solid design allows precise placement of flip chips and dies to within 0.0002″ or 5 microns. Force Measurement System, a newly implemented software, makes it possible to handle fragile dies down to 0.2mm x 0.2mm. Alignment is performed using split vision optics allowing simultaneous view of the substrate and flip chip / die. The two images are superimposed using micrometers on a precision vacuum locking stage. Users will be able to select predefined profiles that the software has within its database based on the die and substrate. It’s easy to modify, optimize & store profiles for future use. Settings can be changed simultaneously as the profile is running. Software controlled heating at the die is performed via a convection Air / Nitrogen heater. Substrate can be heated via a conductive as well as a convective stage heaters. Critical process parameters like bonding force, heating ramp up rates, temperatures, dwell times, gas flow, and cooling rates are monitored by the software to deliver consistent quality.

Like other machines that we have been manufacturing over the past 30 years, AT-DB was created with ease of use in mind and the ability to handle both today’s and tomorrow’s requirements. AT-DB series offers unparalleled performance, precision and consistency for applications where high quality results matter. This includes R & D, NPI, Engineering, and batch production environments.

  • Single Axis Placement and Heating
  • Split Vision Optics with LED lighting
  • Precision Placement within +/- 0.0002″ or 5 microns
  • Software controlled Bonding Force up to 300 Newtons
  • Fluxing Station for bumped Flip Chip attachment
  • Convection Air / Nitrogen Gas Topside heater
  • Conductive stage and Convection substrate heaters
  • Force Measurement System with software control
  • Comprehensive software package
  • In Process Adjustment capability
  • Automated Z axis with 2 stage programmable speed
  • Precision substrate stage with vacuum locking base
  • Waffle Pack tray holder
  • Feeder for handling 8mm tape
  • Side Mounted Process Monitoring Camera
  • Plug and Operate Configuration
  • Minimal operator involvement
  • Maintenance Free
  • Designed and Manufactured in USA
  • Flip Chip to substrate / PCB via solder attach process
  • Flip Chip / Die to substrate via thermo compression bonding
  • Flip Chip / die attachment using non conductive paste
  • Die to substrate via bumped copper pillars
  • Conductive epoxy die attachment

Profiles are developed, stored, and recalled in the AT-DB’s software package. It controls the heating cycle, bonding force, automation of process sequences, and automatic execution of safety checks before every profile run.

  • Real-Time process graphing
  • Library with predefined profiles
  • On-The-Fly settings adjustment
  • Real – time data recording for documentation and analysis
  • Password Protected Access
  • Unlimited profile storage
  • User friendly environment
  • Designed for Windows® 7 Pro / 10 Pro OS
  • Fluxing Station
  • Waffle Pack Tray holder
  • Solder Paste / Epoxy Dispenser
  • Nozzle Kit
  • Process Monitoring Camera
  • Composite fixture for micro substrates / small PCB modules
Substrate Handling Up to 12″ x 14″ (305mm x 355mm) Up to 16″ x 20″ (406mm x 508mm) Up to 16″ x 20″ (406mm x 508mm)
Die Handling
Maximum 0.98” x 0.98” (25mmSQ) 0.98” x 0.98” (25mmSQ) Optional 1.58” x 1.58” (40mmSQ) 0.98” x 0.98” (25mmSQ) Optional 1.58” x 1.58” (40mmSQ)
Minimum 0.008” x 0.008” (0.2mm x 0.2mm) 0.008” x 0.008” (0.2mm x 0.2mm) 0.008” x 0.008” (0.2mm x 0.2mm)
Substrate Thickness Up to 0.32” (8mm) Up to 0.32” (8mm) Up to 0.32” (8mm)
Placement Accuracy +/- 0.0002″    (+/- 5 microns) +/- 0.0002″    (+/- 5 microns) +/- 0.00004″    (+/- 1 microns)
Top Heater (Air/N2 Conv.) 1000 Watts 1000 Watts 1000 Watts
Conductive Stage Heater 2500 Watts 3500 Watts 3500 Watts
Convection Heater 2000 Watts 2000 Watts 2000 Watts
Magnification Up to 420X Up to 420X Up to 420X
Bonding Force up to 300 N up to 300 N up to 300 N
Power 208-240 VAC 25A,1 Phase, 50/60 Hz 208-240 VAC 30A,1 Phase, 50/60 Hz 208-240 VAC 30A,1 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Air / Gas 95-120  PSI @ 4 CFM 95-120  PSI @ 4 CFM 95-120  PSI @ 4 CFM
Facility Placement Heavy Duty Bench (500lbs. minimum weight capacity) Heavy Duty Bench (500lbs. minimum weight capacity) Stand Alone Floor Unit
Weight 224 lbs / 101 Kg 240 lbs / 110 Kg 280 lbs / 127 Kg
Dimensions 36″L x 18″W x 44″H (915mm x 457mm x 1118mm) 48″L x 18″W x 44″H (1220mm x 457mm x 1118mm) 48″L x 28″W x 78″H (1220mm x 711mm x 1981mm)
Warranty Five (5) years parts and labor Five (5) years parts and labor Five (5) years parts and labor
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