SMT Reflow Oven for Soldering of Circuit Boards and RF/Microwave Assemblies

With nearly 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing circuit board soldering equipment, ATCO is now offering the second generation PRO 1600 SMT Reflow Oven. As a leading batch soldering machine and solder reflow manufacturer, we are on a mission to provide innovative solutions for the ever-evolving demands within the printed circuit board industry. Dedicated to quality engineering and superior service, our soldering machines and reflow ovens achieve repeatable, high quality results customers can count on.

Our engineers developed the PRO 1600 SMT Reflow Oven to solve a variety of common issues associated with inconsistent reflow soldering in batch and benchtop tunnel ovens.  While many reflow ovens on the market are adequate for simple soldering projects, we designed the PRO 1600 to be a high end oven with capabilities matching large scale production ovens.  This  includes precise temperature monitoring at the circuit assembly and if necessary ability to purge Nitrogen within the reflow chamber for Oxygen concentration down to 10 PPM.  The focus is to achieve guaranteed high quality product with strong and reliable solder joints. Our reflow ovens aim to bridge the gap between low end ovens and large scale production machines; with consistent heating profiles, a simple user interface, process automation, and detailed data for complete transparency and consistency throughout the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) reflow process.

Our team wanted to create an SMT oven catering to the end user with a simplified setup and ease of operation. Thanks to our advanced software integration, with powerful heating capability, our SMT reflow oven achieves the user-friendly end goal. With on-the-fly profile adjustment and ultra-accurate temperature control at the circuit assembly, our reflow oven is expediting process development and improves yields.

PRO 1600 SMT Reflow Oven

Where Are PRO 1600 SMT Reflow Ovens Used?

Our SMT ovens are operated by customers in various industries whether they are building a few boards at a time or hundreds per production lot.   Advanced process control capabilities enable customers to achieve production oven quality and consistency.   Most customers are focused on quality and reflow process control rather than throughput per hour.  Main aspects of the oven include  “10 zone profiling in a compact footprint”,  precise thermal uniformity during reflow soldering along with software monitored forced air/nitrogen convection process.  Ultimately, PRO 1600 reflow oven is for those customers concerned about quality and process control first and foremost.

Our solder reflow oven is ideal for reflow soldering in:

  • Low – Medium Production Environments
  • Prototype and R&D / Engineering Laboratories
  • Batch / Cell Production

Our Soldering Machines and Solder Reflow
Ovens Prevent Common Issues

Reliable and uniform heating throughout the reflow soldering process is paramount for consistency in applications ranging from prototype builds to high-reliability production boards. Our precision temperature control features enable real-time monitoring for detailed profile data collection, reliable heating uniformity, and unparalleled production within high-end soldering applications.

Consistency across the thermal spectrum prevents overheating of components and is further enhanced by our optional External Thermocouple Control (ETC) for accurate temperature readings of the circuit assembly. With low-end reflow ovens, temperature inconsistencies are common within the reflow oven chamber as air temperature readings do not always reflect the precise temperature at the assembly. This leads to inconsistent heating profiles across the various components, resulting in weaker solder joints and potential circuit failures. Our ETC technology solves this issue.

Soldering Machines and Reflow Ovens
For High-End Demands

We proudly serve companies throughout diverse industries across the world with our soldering oven and soldering circuit board platforms. From aerospace technologies to prototype development, our advanced equipment makes soldering circuit boards accessible to companies everywhere.

Our PCB reflow ovens and soldering machines come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. For smaller batch production and unique solder reflow oven needs, we offer small reflow ovens and benchtop reflow ovens. Our small reflow ovens and benchtop reflow ovens are ideal for circuit repair, delicate component manufacturing, and a variety of research and development applications.

Our standalone PCB soldering machines and SMT ovens are compact. When valuable production space is at a premium, implementing a small reflow oven or a benchtop reflow oven into your space provides unobtrusive access to the professional features found within larger commercial reflow ovens.

Advanced Technical Service Included With Our Soldering Machines

When you partner with ATCO for your soldering machine and PCB reflow oven needs, our products are backed by a 5-year warranty. Our reflow soldering machines and PCB reflow ovens are covered for parts and labor and include professional installation, repair, and training. Unlike other PCB soldering machine manufacturers that only deliver, our company is focused on providing long-term support for all of your future soldering circuit board needs.

Video: Reflow Oven for Printed Circuit Board soldering

Learn More About Our Reflow Soldering Machines

Our professional technicians offer complete reflow soldering machines and prototype reflow oven installation, calibration, and guidance. With PCB soldering machines and SMT reflow ovens designed to last, our superlative products are the perfect addition to your business for all of your soldering furnace needs.

Beyond the extensive soldering circuit board and soldering oven solutions we provide, we also produce a reflow simulator for advanced microvia and IPC D coupon testing. Compatible with a variety of custom coupons and requiring minimal operator involvement, our reflow simulator provides ultra-accurate data reports and assembly analysis with simplicity.

If you would like to get in touch with our expert soldering circuit board and soldering oven team, give us a call for more information. We are happy to discuss your soldering oven requirements in detail, and will gladly come up with realistic solutions for your team so you can begin soldering circuit boards with detailed precision today!

PRO 1600 Solder Reflow Oven