The process of reworking and soldering a Ball Grid Array (BGA) device on a circuit board

Unlike surface mount components with leads around the perimeter (i.e. QFP, SOIC), Ball Grid Array (BGA) packages contain a matrix of …

How to create a reflow profile for circuit board soldering

Before going into the details of how to create a reflow profile, it is important to establish what a profile is …

In recent years a well-documented reliability issue surrounding weak microvias in HDI PCBs has been identified in the board fabrication industry. To address this, IPC has issued a warning in the latest IPC 6012E and put out a test standard per IPC-TM-650 2.6.27 Rev.B that outlines a testing procedure. Identifying a need in the market, ATCO has developed a reflow simulator specifically configured to comply with this test method. The PRO 1600-RST system was developed to process up to 48 IPC D coupons per lot and provides continuous 4 wire precision resistance measurement on each coupon net during reflow simulation. The system is able to identify microvia failures at peak reflow temperatures by comparing change in resistance which above 5% is considered abnormal. This allows coupons to be screened for reflow survivability and identify failures before assembling actual boards.

For companies interested in testing coupons but cannot justify capital purchase of equipment, ATCO is offering testing services. Contact us for a quote!

ATCO will be exhibiting at the IPC APEX EXPO 2020 in San Diego, CA from February 4th – 6th. Stop by our booth 1840 to discuss your application requirements for SMD and BGA rework, reflow soldering, reflow thermal stress testing with resistance measurement for microvias testing. Details will be available for all models that ATCO manufactures.

ATCO will be exhibiting at the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO 2019 in San Diego, CA from January 28th – January 31st. Stop by our booth 2445 to discuss your application requirements for SMD and BGA rework, reflow soldering, reflow thermal stress testing. On display we will have the AT-GDP Rework Station and PRO 1600 Reflow Ovens. Details will be available for all models that ATCO manufactures.


We will be presenting PRO 1600 Reflow Oven and PRO 1600-RS Reflow Simulator configured for the recently updated IPC-TM-650 Test Method 2.6.27 Rev.A (Thermal Stress, Convection Reflow Assembly Simulation). Revision A now specifies continuous resistance measurement during multiple reflow cycles of the IPC-2221B Appendix A, D coupons. It allows detenction of a failure along the channel net that otherwise does not show up if measured at ambient temperatures.

ATCO will be exhibiting at the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO 2018 in San Diego, CA from February 27th – March 1st. Booth 2847. Stop by to discuss your application requirements for SMD / BGA rework and reflow soldering. On display we will have the AT-GDP BGA Rework Station and PRO 1600 Reflow Oven. Details will be available for all models of BGA Rework Stations, Reflow Ovens, Reflow Simulator, and Flip Chip Die Bonder.

See us at the SMTA Capital Expo where we will present details and answer questions on the following systems: BGA Rework Station, Reflow Oven, Flip Chip Die Bonder.

Join us at the upcoming SMTA Ohio Expo & Tech Forum held at Embassy Suites (Independence, OH). We will be on site to discuss equipment and process related questions. Presentations will be available for the following products: AT-GDP BGA Rework Station, PRO 1600 Reflow Oven, PRO 1600-RS Reflow Soldering Simulator.

ATCO has recently installed a new HAAS machining center adding capacity to our metalworking capabilities. The center will aid in quick turn machining of custom tooling for our customer base.

For a limited time, orders for AT-GDP series BGA / SMT Placement & Rework Stations will include the optional Nozzle Kit at no additional charge, valued at $2,250. The Nozzle Kit (Part: NZK-ATGDP) contains various sized nozzles covering most components available on the market. Along with the 2 standard nozzles included with a machine, for most customers this will represent a “complete set” without having the need to purchase additional nozzles later on.

Upgraded video observation module for Pro 1600 Reflow Oven now allows taking still images and recording video during a reflow cycle. The module includes a dual panel 16” X 16” high temperature rated glass cover, high resolution camera with optical and digital zoom, lighting system, multi-angle adjustable camera mounting, and an advanced Imaging Capture software.

A newly implemented Force Measurement System for the AT-GDP series machines allows for a more controlled process. It is especially critical to have a precise force measurement when picking up and placing delicate and very small packages. Additionally, newer package technologies like stacked dies or PoP require placement force control to prevent damaging the component. Force Measurement is software controlled and is available on all configurations of the AT-GDP machines.

Micro passive components as small as 0201 (0.6mm x 0.3mm) may now be reworked with the optional 0201 Handling module. This option includes tooling for pick up from cut tape. The Process Monitoring Camera option is required to be used in conjunction with 0201 handling module.

New application video: Rework of a 4 – ball Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP) measuring 0.8mm x 0.8mm from a 7mm x 6mm PCB. The 4 solder balls that are 0.26mm in diameter with 0.4mm pitch. The removal / installation process was performed using the AT-GDP Placement & Rework Station.

ATCO’s website has been redesigned and now contains more in depth product related information. Visitors may read application notes and view videos detailing rework, assembly, and soldering processes.

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