AT-GDP SMD & BGA Rework Station

Advanced Techniques US Inc. (ATCO) is dedicated to precise build quality supported by the best training, repair, and ongoing service in the BGA (Ball Grid Array) soldering station industry. After 35 years of providing exceptional service and continually evolving within the SMD (Surface Mount Device) station industry, our company is proud to offer a precision-tuned line of AT-GDP SMD & BGA soldering solutions.

Our latest rework stations are unrivaled within the solder rework station field. Our highly skilled engineers and manufacturers have enhanced our latest models with the most advanced software in the industry, leading to the ultra accurate placement and SMD rework. When you upgrade your facility with our high-end soldering stations, you can expect SMD rework that consistently outperforms lower-end models.

Our nitrogen and hot air rework stations are applicable for use within a broad spectrum of technical fields. Our soldering stations have successfully empowered a diverse range of industries requiring pin-point results, and meet the strict demands of evolving circuit board needs. Combined with our highly customizable and user-focused software, our SMD stations will meet all of your current and future circuit board requirements.

SMD & BGA Rework Station

Some of the industries utilizing our advanced ATCO PCB rework stations include:

  • Engineering firms
  • Aerospace companies
  • Research & development
  • Circuit repair companies
  • Consumer electronics
  • Production environments
  • & more…

What Are Our Rework Stations Used For?

Our products provide more than the standard SMD/BGA soldering and BGA/SMD rework stations.

Our superior build quality, ultra accurate component placement, and SMD rework is supported by our split-vision optics integration, perfectly aligning your components down to .0002” or 5 microns. Thanks to superior accuracy upon initial placement, your company saves extensively on costly circuit board replacement and prevents unnecessary BGA rework.

Our PCB (Printed Circuit Board) rework stations are primarily used for:

  • PCB Assembly
  • PCB Repair

Our products handle fragile components with ease. Perfect for stacked packages requiring delicate maneuverability and high-value components that are difficult to replace.

With our software-regulated heating, gentle convection reflow of hot air and nitrogen within our solder rework station guarantees uniform heating across all solder joints.

Due to the gentle reflow, our soldering stations and micro BGA rework stations are ideal for delicate solder situations in which minimal adjacent component disturbance is required.

The Most User-Friendly PCB Rework Station Available

Companies across the world have come to trust in ATCO products for several reasons. Each of our BGA soldering machines and solder rework stations are built with the end-user in mind. By reducing the complications associated with typical hot air rework stations, we hope to empower companies with our PCB rework stations and BGA soldering solutions.

Having a soldering station built upon proven software and reliable hardware is paramount to the continued success within the BGA rework industry. By housing the best BGA rework station within your facility, your company can enjoy improved customer relations, fewer product recalls, and time saved with consistently reliable circuit board production.

Beyond having the most user-friendly software integrated into all of our BGA soldering machines, we also provide comprehensive technical training, calibration, and reliable repair. Our BGA rework stations are built to last, but if for any reason difficulties arise, our consumer-focused team will be there to support you in all of your BGA soldering machine needs.

We offer standalone and tabletop BGA machines and hot air rework station varieties. We will work directly with your project management team and engineers to ensure that our solder rework stations align with your specific needs. Our on-sight installation and training team provides comprehensive education and will go over every detail of the PCB rework station to equip your team with extensive working knowledge.

Video: WLCSP Removal and Installation with AT-GDP Rework Station

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Soldering Stations and Hot Air Rework Stations With 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty Included

We stand behind our quality soldering station solutions. By trusting ATCO for your BGA machine and SMD rework station needs, we will be your expert advocates long into the future. We value clear communication and will support your hot air rework station needs from start to finish.

On top of our outstanding rework stations, ATCO proudly offers many other reliable products to complement all of your circuit board production needs. Our die bonders, reflow ovens, and reflow simulators furnish the same precision and detailed diagnostics that you can expect from all of the advanced products within our rework station product line.

Learn More About Our SMD Rework Stations & BGA Machines

Our team is dedicated to providing rework station and BGA soldering solutions that seamlessly integrate with your business model. If you would like to learn more about how BGA rework and micro BGA rework stations can empower your company with greater precision and quality craftsmanship, reach out to our friendly customer service team today.

With worldwide SMD station installations, the best BGA soldering and micro BGA rework stations in the business are just a call or click away. At ATCO, we are on a mission to empower businesses everywhere with the latest in BGA machines and micro BGA rework stations and provide unparalleled follow-up resources to keep your business running smoothly.