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Equipment for Reflow Soldering, SMD Rework, JEDEC Reflow, and IPC D Coupon Testing



WLCSP Rework - Removal and Installation

Demonstration of a Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP) being removed and installed on a printed circuit board using an AT-GDP Placement and Rework Station.

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BGA Reflow - Advanced Techniques US, Inc.

Side view of a BGA component being reflowed.

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Reflow Oven for SMT soldering - ATCO model PRO 1600

Overview of PRO 1600 Forced Convection Reflow Oven in operation. Features include small footprint (31" x 31"), lead free reflow capable, and precise software process control.

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BGA Rework with ATCO model AT-GDP BGA Rework Station

Installation process of a BGA component using the AT-GDP BGA / SMT Placement & Rework Station.

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Advanced Techniques US Inc. (ATCO) designs and manufacturers precision equipment for reflow soldering, SMD / BGA rework, Flip Chip bonding, JEDEC reflow, and IPC D coupon testing applications. Our product line consists of SMD / BGA Placement & Rework Stations, Flip Chip Bonders, Reflow Soldering Ovens, Reflow Simulators for SMD Preconditioning and PCB Coupon Thermal Stress Testing, and SMT Pick & Place equipment ideal for environments with prototype to medium volumes. By working closely with a customer to fully understand and identify application requirements, we are able to offer an ideal solution.

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